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New Spectrum UV System

New Spectrum UV System

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Item code:  26-210
Packing: 1 pcs

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Construction consists of a tough robust metal outer casing and UV/Impact resistant ABS which affords a top quality finish and extended life. The unit has built-in wall brackets for easy installation.

The ELECRO SPECTRUM UV is designed for disinfection of residential pool and spa water, providing cost effective treatment and improved water quality. The system utilises high output, low pressure UV lamps powered by electronic ballasts which are housed within the enclosure. The water is routed through a narrow diameter and long flow path, ensuring close and extended UV contact. This design also ensures that the Quartz Sleeves are continuously rinsed by the water flow, avoiding the typical encrustations which would affect UV sanitising performance.

The unit also features an ‘End of lamp life’ indicator which flashes ‘Red’ when the UV Lamps are required to be changed. The inlet and outlet allow easy connection onto existing or new pipework systems. Suitable for flows rates of up to 36m3/h, the dose is sufficient for disinfection of the water providing complimentary protection against chlorine resistant organisms, as well as enhanced algae control.

UV treatment is compatible with all other sanitisers, including chlorine; bromine; active oxygen; peroxide; and copper based compounds, and allows for the levels of these to be significantly reduced. UV treatment introduces no by-products into the water, but also has no residual effect. Therefore a small background level of disinfectant should always be maintained.