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Massage jets
Jet TurboJet - for liner pool

Jet TurboJet - for liner pool

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Turbo Boost Jet increases the regular return
water flow, creating extra high powered circulation
of your pool (with or without an air mixture).
Moreover, as the return water passes through the Turbo Booster,
air is mixed with the water, creating a powerful stream of aerated water and
hydromassage action. It’s available for vinyl pools and for above ground pools.

Unique double venturi system : the Turbo Jet doubles the water flow
rate. If the flow rate of the pump is 10 m3/h, Turbo Jet increases the
flow rate up to 20 m3/h, creating an extra high powered circulation
of your pool water. The turbo jet can be used with or without an air

For a maximum boost (with water only) to a relaxing bath (with air
only), the turbo jet is the ideal hydrotherapy accessory adapted to all your
requirements. For a maximum Turbo Jet performance, never use a pump
output below 6 m3/h or higher than 15 m3/h.